Farmer John Pig Slaughter Protest | VERNON CA 9.28.20

VERNON, CALIFORNIA – Activists gathered outside the Farmer John facility in Vernon, Ca to protest the slaughter of pigs. Activists managed to get onto the property and go up onto the roof and chain themselves for a moment until police arrived. They then chained themselves in front of the entrances stopping vehicles from entering the facility. The activists had stopped about four trucks carrying pigs and began to give them water for less than a minute before police made them move to let the truck proceed to their destination. Vernon PD called for help from neighboring cities and after several hours declared the protest an unlawful assembly and pushed everyone back. While all this was going on the facility was on lockdown and production was stopped. Truck drivers bringing in their loads had to reroute and wait at another location until police had the scene cleared out. At least one arrest was made during the protest but more arrests were sure to follow.
Vernon Fire was called in so they could cut the chains off the activist. No further information available.