A violent traffic accident in Victorville has left one person dead and at least two others transported to hospitals. The accident occurred just before 6:00 PM in the 15900 block of Village Drive (Intersection of Eto Camino Road). According to nearby residents, they heard what sounded like an explosion. When they came out to see what had happened they discovered that a large SUV had t-boned a small white sedan. The collision resulted in one fatality is in the sedan. There was a family in the SUV, including a child. The child and the father were transported to a local hospital. One of the patients, it is believed that it was the father, was transferred to an air ambulance and flown to the trauma center at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. The intersection were the accident happened has a history of violent collisions. It appears that the sedan was attempting to cross Village Drive east to west on Eto Camino Road when it was struck by the northbound SUV traveling. The investigation is being handled by SBSO Victorville. SBCo/Victorville Fire and AMR also responed.