Black Lives Matter Protest Part 3 / San Bernardino CA 5.31.20

SAN BERNARDINO – A protest in the city of San Bernardino for the life of George Floyd gathered near City Hall. Protesters marched towards the San Bernardino PD Station. After staying civil and marching back towards City Hall, protesters circled around California Highway Patrol officers in full riot gear protecting the San Bernardino County Probation building. It was at this point officer called in for backup due to objects getting thrown in the air at officers, along with people breaking out car windows. Protesters then started heading North on Waterman towards Baseline where a riot broke out due to rioters setting fires and breaking into businesses. Businesses on the opposite side of town reported looters and gunshots being fired causing the Buffalo Wild Wings off of Hospitality Lane to go on look down in fear for employees along with guests. A gun store was also looted in between the mix of locations that were looted and vandalized.