SYLMAR: Aircraft Crashes in Field Killing Pilot

*Time* – 1:51P *Location* – 12600 ENCINITAS AVE <> *Handling Agencies* – LAFD
Update Aircraft Down; INC#0772; 2:10PM; Field near 12600 Encinitas Av; Sylmar <;+Sylmar&entry=gmail&source=g>; Only patient and only apparent occupant of the Beechcraft A320 single engine aircraft was an adult male pilot who was trapped in wreckage (since freed) but is now deceased at scene; There are no other injuries; No fire; No structures damaged; All further inquiries to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) which will be overseeing the investigation; FS 75; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Dispatched LAFD Units: BC12 CM42 E18 E275 E290 E474 E75 E90 E91 EM15 H6 HR3 RA75 RA90 RA91 T75 T90 UR88; – Brian Humphrey