Stringer Confronted | Scott Lane | SOUTH LOS ANGELES, CA | 2020

Entire incident was on livestream:

While covering a fire in South LA, I was leaving a injury fire when confronted by three guys who would not let me leave the church lot. They blocked the exit and at first one guy held back the aggressor, but let him go once he noticed I was being backed into the dark small side yard of the lot. I was being backed into a unlit area with 3ft between the church and a iron fence. Knowing LAPD was not at scene, I dipped my shoulder and went for it.

I went down and took some hits and kicks but never lost my footing and literally had to run through 3 people. In the video you see them blocking the exit, then you see me out of the yard. With LAPD not there and my hands full of equipment, if I started fist fighting with the neighborhood while a house was on fire and people were trapped, it would have been much worse. I left that scene with everything I showed up with.

Ended up with 2 Hits: Ch4 & Ch5.