RIVERSIDE: Rocks Tossed Onto Freeway Damage Several Vehicles

On Saturday night September 29, 2018 the California Highway Patrol received multiple reports of rocks being thrown onto the 91 Freeway striking several vehicles. The incident occurred around 11:30pm along the westbound 91 Freeway between 14th Street and Central Avenue. According to one witness, he heard a loud bag, then his wife screaming as glass from the front passenger window shattered onto her lap. The witness along with his wife and 3 children were on their way home when the incident happened. Another witness said her rear passenger side window was busted out. Both witnesses say several cars were pulled over along the 91 freeway after their vehicles were also struck. Luckily no one was injured in the incident. The California Highway Patrol searched the area including the Ivy Street Bridge, the train over crossing along with the Cridge and 14th Street bridges however, no suspects were immediately located.