Drunk Sleeping Man In Drive-Thru Gets Rude Awakening By Police / Claremont CA 9.19.20

CLAREMONT CA – Sometime after 2:50 AM Claremont Pd received a 911 call of a male passed out in his car near the Chevron McDonald’s at 860 S Indian Hill Blvd and the Auto Ct Dr. Claremont PD arrived on scene and locating a male adult passed out in the vehicle with the vehicle still in drive and his foot on the break. The driver could be sleeping with his phone in his hand. Claremont Pd requested Los Angeles County Fire Department to respond to the scene just in case it was a medical emergency. Claremont Pd positioned one of their units in front of the vehicle due to the vehicle still being in drive. One of the Claremont police officers broke the passenger side window to gain access inside the vehicle so paramedics could check out the driver. The driver was transported to Pomona Valley Hospital with Claremont Pd following.

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