BROOKLYN: Woman Rescued From Overturned Vehicle

MIDWOOD, Brooklyn – A man rescued a pregnant woman from an overturned vehicle Tuesday evening. Upon the arrival of the first responders, the woman was already out of the car. She was later transported in stable condition with minor injuries to a nearby hospital. NYPD ESU was on scene to upright the vehicle. The vehicle overturned after hitting the center median when making a left turn

Rescuer Lawrence Balter, 23, said he was hanging out with some friends outside when the 9:35 p.m. accident happened at the intersection between Coney Island Avenue and Avenue O. Without a second thought, Balter immediately jumped on top of the vehicle and pulled the lady out.

Balter, a member of the Dynamite Youth Center located in Brooklyn, said the lady was not injured, but his mother, Freida Balter, quickly added, she appeared to be in shock.

“Honestly, I’ve never done anything like that before. It was very nerve-wracking. But it was the best thing to do … to get the woman out of the car,” Balter said.

Tuesday’s incident wasn’t the first time residents had seen an overturned vehicle in their neighborhood. Witness Max Riber, 17, said it was his second time, adding it only happens when drivers are making a left turn.

Therefore, the center median needs to be removed because “it is an awkward size,” Riber said.

“Cars can drive over it, but it can also lift cars over,” he added.

Like Riber, Balter is no stranger to these types of accidents. “It ’s nothing new,” he said. Still, Balter said it “felt good helping somebody.”

Video Journalist: Sherley Boursiquot