BROOKLYN: Taxi Driver Dead After Crashing Utility Pole

Taxi Driver Dead After Crashing Utility Pole
3.4.19 | By: Matt Rosen

HOMECREST, Brooklyn – On Monday approximately 12 AM during NYC’s heavy snowfall, NYPD officers responded to a 911 call in regards to a NYC Yellow Taxi that struck a utility pole on Kings Highway & East 14th within the confines of 61PCT. Hatzolah Volunteer EMS also responded and helped the driver out of the vehicle along with bystanders passing by. The 62-year-old Male Taxi driver was suffering from an unknown medical episode which caused him to crash. Chest compressions were given in the field and the driver was transported to a local area hospital where he was pronounced deceased on arrival. Causes of the medical incident that occurred is unknown at this time. NYPD Highway Units responded and conducted a collision investigation and the accident remains an ongoing investigation.