Woopsy With The Family Jeep | PALOS VERDES, CA 5.12.21

PALOS VERDES, CALIFORNIA – A male driver was arriving at his salon to pick up his daughter when somehow he crashed the family Jeep through a wall of a second story parking structure. The accident happened directly above his and his wife’s business, Sensation Nail Spa, on Deep Valley Drive in Palos Verdes. This area has a lot of foot traffic due to the abundance of shopping centers and plazas in the area. Fortunately no one was walking under the area, a large amount of debris had fallen down from the accident. There is believed to be significant structural damage done to the building. The salon owner and her client tell the story from their perspective as they watched it all unfold in front of their eyes from across the street.

**The nail spa owner, his wife and their young daughter can be seen talking to LASO Deputies in the second story parking lot**

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