WOODLAND HILLS: Electrical Vault Explosion

*Time* – 2142 8/20/18 *Location* – Owensmouth & Victory Blvd, Woodland Hills *Handling Agencies* – LAFD, LA DWP, LADOT
At 2142, LAFD responded to multiple reports of a manhole on fire at Victory & Owensmouth. Arriving units found a manhole slab on its side with smoke coming from the hole from an apparent electric vault explosion. LAFD blocked Owensmouth off between West Valley & Victory. LA DWP was called to the scene. Power was out to a nearby apartment complex, trapping residents in elevators at the complex. The size of the power outage is unknown. It is unknown how long it is going to take for power to be fixed and the manhole slab to be replaced. It is unknown how long Owensmouth is going to be shut down.