Violent EDP Tries Slashing Journalist, Gets Locked up by NYPD

3.17.20 | by LLNNYC | TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan – A violent EDP gets restrained and hospitalized after attempting to slash a journalist. It happened around 3 am Tuesday at Broadway & 7th Ave. Adam was filming a time-lapse of Times Square traffic when the EDP approached his personal space with bizarre intruding behavior. After he was asked to back away both verbally and with a visual deterrent, he brandished a sharp object and started running towards and lunging at Adam. He then crossed the street and rummaged through some trash, possibly disposing of the weapon. Police were called and upon first contact, he immediately sprinted as police pursued him around the block with their vehicles. He violently resisted being restrained and was very apprehensive about being searched. He was transported to an area hospital with restraints.

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