*Time* – 2250 8-7-18 *Location* – 28065 Franklin Parkway, Valencia- Esterline Engineered Materials *Handling Agencies* – LACoFD, LACoFD HAZMAT, LA County Health Hazmat
At approximately 2250, LACoFD responded to reports of a HAZMAT incident. Per LACoFD radio traffic, at least 3 people were exposed to an unknown chemical and there was white smoke at the scene, this was prior to LACoFD arrival. Arriving units found all the employees of the building outside. Firefighters quickly tended to two patients, who appeared to be in severe respiratory distress. Other firefighters and paramedics tended to an additional 29 patients. 5 patients were transported to Henry Mayo Hospital, the remaining 3 transported patients were transported to Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills. The remaining 23 patients were evaluated but declined transport to the hospital. LACoFD Hazmat is on scene attempting to identify the chemical that the victims were exposed to.