TARZANA: Burglars Shoot at LAPD officers At Chief Keef’s Home

*Time* – Around 2230 *Location* – Donna & Collins, Reseda *Handling Agencies* – LAPD Metro, LAPD West Valley
Around 2330, LAPD plain clothes Metro officers on patrol requested a backup on 459 suspects in the area of Donna & Collins. While officers were attempting to apprehend the suspects , one suspect opened fire at pursuing officers. No officers were hit. A help call went out and LAPD officer raced to the area. Officers setup a containment in an attempt to locate the suspects. It is unknown of the suspects were wounded in the incident. LAPD SWAT & K9 officers apprehended two suspects after they were bitten by LAPD K9’s, one of the suspects had a gun on them when they were arrested.