SYLMAR: Baby Search Hoax

*Time* – Around 0100 *Location* – Kagel Truck Trail & Lopez Canyon *Handling Agencies* – LACoFD, LASD, Montrose SAR, Glendale PD, LACoFD Air Ops
Around 0100, LACoFD responded to reports of a cliff rescue. Arriving units found a couple, in which the male stated the female he was with stated she had thrown their child off of a cliff off of Lopez Canyon Road earlier in the night. Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to get more information from the female, but all she would tell them was “I don’t remember” repeatedly. A large search consisting of LACoFD firefighters, LACoFD Helicopters, Glendale PD helicopter , wildland firefighters from LACoFD Camp 16, Montrose SAR, LACoFD K9, LASD SEB K9 and LASD Crescenta Valley Station of a 3 acre area in which the baby was reportedly thrown into. During the search, LAPD and LASD officers were able to locate and verify that the baby was not thrown out of the vehicle, but instead safe at a cousins house in Panorama City. The baby was safe at the house all night. It is unknown if the female is going to face charges. LASD Crescent Valley Station is handling the investigation