STUDIO CITY: Car to Car Shooting

*Time* – Around 0055 *Location* – Originated Around Moorpark & Tujunga, near the 7-11. Wite Mercedes with Bullet holes Elmer & Woodridge *Handling Agencies* – LAPD North Hollywood
Around 0055, LAPD North Hollywood Division received dozens of calls about a shooting that occurred near Moorpark/Tujunga. Witnesses described seeing a white Mercedes and a black or blue BMW or Honda Civic Speeding down Moorpark with what sounded like multiple gunshots being fired. It appears that the shooting started at Moorpark/Tujunga Arriving officers found shell casings on Moorpark & Bakman, and a white Mercedes with 3 bullet holes in the passenger door on a curb at Elmer & Woodridge. They also found shell casings in the intersection. Officers apprehended a subject down the street. It is unknown if the individual is involved in the shooting. Per an LAPD Detective on the scene, narcotics and money were found in the white Mercedes. LAPD would not confirm if this incident is drug-related. No parties were found with gunshot wounds as of 0200, at/near the scene or at local hospitals. Moorpark is currently closed between Bakman & Tujunga. Elmer is closed at Woodridge. LAPD North Hollywood is handling the incident