Stolen Vehicle W Baby Inside San Bernardino 03 19 20

SAN BERNARDINO – San Bernardino Police Department received a report of a carjacking at the Walgreens off of Highland & Elmwood. The vehicle had been stolen in the parking lot with a 10-month-old child inside the vehicle. The uncle of the child had been smoking a cigarette outside near the vehicle while the mother went inside for some supplies. It was at this time the uncle noticed a male enter the vehicle and take off with the gray Nissan Altima. Officers responded and took a report and reviewed video camera footage of the incident and put out a BOLO (Be on the lookout) for the child and vehicle. Officers began patrolling the area for the vehicle and it had been spotted in the parking lot across the street from the Walgreens still running with the child inside. Officers quickly grabbed the child at took him back to the mother at the Walgreens. San Bernardino K-9 Began a track for the suspect but wasn’t able to find any leads to capturing the suspect.