STATEN ISLAND: Mafia Boss Assassinated

3.13.19 | by Adam Balhetchet | TODT HILL, Staten Island (LoudlabsNYC) – Mob boss Frank Cali was assassinated Wednesday night in his home. He was having dinner with his family. He went outside after hearing his vehicle being hit by another vehicle. He had a conversation with the driver. Twelve shots were fired. Cali took cover behind his vehicle. Six of those shots struck Cali. The gunman fled in a blue pickup truck. Multiple calls were made to 911 in regards to shots fired and a man shot. Upon arrival, police rushed the ambulance to the scene. He was transported in critical condition to an area hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The last mob boss to be murdered was over 30 years ago when Paul Castellano, also a Gambino family crime member, was whacked in front of Sparks Steakhouse in midtown, Manhattan. That paved the way for John Gotti to take over the Gambino crime family. No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.