SANTA FE SPRINGS: Confined Space Fire & Search

*Time* – 4:00pm-11:45pm 8/31/18 *Location* – under 5 & 605 Freeways, Santa Fe Springs *Handling Agencies* – SFSFD
At 4pm 911 calls came in due to smoke coming from manhole covers and sewers on Orr & Day Rd. When fire responded they found a woman in the sewer with her face out the grade so she could breath with the smoke coming out behind her.
After a investigation it was found that a man and a woman rode a mini bike into the underground tunnels near the 5 & 605. The bike caught fire and the two became separated in the tunnel. The female went one way and was found, she said the male was on the other side of the bike on fire and was not able to make it her way.
The fire was extinguished and the man was never found. The search was called off just before midnight.