ROSEMEAD: Young Man Darts Into Street, Gets Struck By Car

Just after 3AM, a young man darted into San Gabriel Blvd. He was then struck by an oncoming vehicle. The impact was so severe that the car’s windshield was shattered completely and the victims shoe was thrown off. The victim was taken to a hospital with injuries to his head. His condition is unknown at this time. The victim was apparently staying with or visiting friends or family at the Friendly Inn next door to the scene. After the incident, multiple friends and family members rushed outside to try to help their injured friend. Friends say they have no idea what he was doing outside at this hour or why he was in the street. Friends of the victim could also be heard saying that the victim “has a history of” something, but it was unclear what exactly they were referring to. The driver of the car involved remained at the scene but was clearly distraught.