Public Storage Fire on San Fernando Rd / Sun Valley 5.1.20


SUN VALLEY – Storage facility with at least 8 units (possibly 15 or more) on fire. Offensive mode. A one-story Public Storage facility was found to have fire spreading through 10-15 units. Firefighters engaged in forcible entry on all of the involved units, with hose lines being deployed behind them. Ventilation teams went to the roof and cut strips on either side of the fire to help stop the spread. Crews removed what (unburned) valuables they could before getting items wet during fire suppression efforts. Ultimately it took 57 firefighters 31 minutes to extinguish the flames in the row of fire units. No reported injuries (one patient was found with a medical complaint at the location in fair condition, but it was unrelated to the structure fire incident). The cause of the fire is under investigation.