POMONA: Pursuit

Sometime after 2 AM CHP attempted to pull over a gray Toyota Prius at N Towne Avenue and the 10 freeway for crossing over the gore point. The vehicle kept driving and stopping and driving and stopping for officers and a pursuit started going through multiple cities. CHP attempted the pit maneuver on Mission Boulevard and Ramona Avenue in the city of Montclair. The vehicle spun out but the suspect was able to gain control spun around and hit the center divider and continue westbound on Mission Boulevard and back into the city of Pomona where the vehicle came to a dead-end at W. 2nd St. and Curran Pl. The suspect took off on foot to the rear of a commercial business where officers were able to catch up to him and tackle him but the suspect started to resist and fight with officers and was eventually taken into custody. Unknown at this time why the suspect ran from officers CHP will be handling the investigation. Shoy by: RANDY