PERRIS: Runaway Cow

First it was wild donkeys, then wild pigs and now an elusive cow is on the run in the riverside county community of Good Hope. On Tuesday night, August 06, 2019, around 11:40pm, the California Highway Patrol received reports that a cow was walking down the middle of Ellis Avenue near Theda Street. While Officers were unable to locate the elusive cow, a scene straight out of a western movie was unfolding as a cowboy on a horse chased after the cow trying to lasso the runaway cow. After two hours and countless attempts to capture the runaway cow, it was decided to call off the chase in hopes of preventing the cow from walking onto Highway 74, a busy 4 lane highway which cuts between the cities of Lake Elsinore and Perris. The cow was last seen on Dehavin Court, just a block from Highway 74.