MANHATTAN: Pedestrian Seriously Injured by Hit & Run Driver

Pedestrian Seriously Injured by Hit & Run Driver
2.19.19 | by Adam Balhetchet
HELLS KITCHEN, Manhattan – A pedestrian was seriously injured by a hit and run driver. It happened around 11:10 pm Monday, at West 47th St & 10th Ave, within the confines of the Midtown North Precinct. According to a witness, 28-year-old Josh had just exited a bar with his friends. When he was struck by the vehicle, his friends immediately came to his aide. He was breathing, trying to move, and was bleeding severely. Upon EMS arrival, they immediately loaded him into the ambulance and rushed him to Bellevue Hospital. The Midtown North Precinct activated a level 1 mobilization to search for the hit and run driver. His vehicle is described as a black SUV with front end damage, that quickly fled the location, going north on 10th Ave, then making a right West 48th St. NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad was requested to conduct an investigation. After visiting Bellevue Hospital, the Highway Lieutenant canceled the investigation. No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.