OC Coach Talks with Phillip Blanks about the CATCH OF A LIFETIME “Caught on Camera”

Phoenix, AZ – As an assistant football coach at Saddleback College it is always great to see our former players and what they are up to with their lives after football. Yesterday Phillip showed up on the Gaucho Football social media radar and I was awestruck at what I watched. Phillip Blanks made the biggest reception of his life. A young toddler was thrown from a burning third story apartment and Blanks caught him and saved his life.

With the proximity of our campus to Camp Pendleton Marine Base it is inevitable that we get a few Marines on our team each year. Their leadership and work ethic translates perfectly to the winning culture of the Gaucho Football Team. Phillip is no exception. A hard worker and always willing to perform the small, nagging, and selfless things that make a team successful.

That selfless attitude has obviously stuck with him. He literally dropped everything to help someone in need. Phillip saved a toddler’s life without ever giving it a second thought. He doesn’t even think he is the hero. So as one of his former coaches I just want to say thank you for being you.
-Coach Jason Gomes

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