NORWALK: Woman Trapped in Car after Power Line Crash

*Time* – 10:30pm 8.19.18 *Location* – Foster & San Antonio, Norwalk *Handling Agencies* – LACOFD, LASD
A solo vehicle crash left a woman trapped in her car uninjured but unable to get out due to downed power lines on her car along with a transformer and a tree. It appears to be a single vehicle speeding crash. The car took out a power pole & tree. SoCal Edison was called to the seen to shut off the power so LACOFD could free her. Per my soundbite, he heard a loud noise and his power shut off. When he went outside he saw the female in the car and told her bot to move or get out.
Per LASD he said it’s a possible DUI investigation but that was not confirmed after she was walked out of the car. Once the power was shut off, LACOFD opened the door and the victim walked out to safety to her dads arms. She later walked into a ambulance for evaluation. She was freed at 11:45pm after sitting in her car for 1 hour.