NORTH HILLS: Security Guard Attacked at Gas Station

Shortly after midnight inside the Chevron Mini Mart at 15710 Roscoe Blvd in the North Hills area a security guard with Star Pro Patrol (contracted by Chevron) noticed a man entering the business. The guard had previously been instructed not to let this man in due to problems in the past with bad behavior. When the guard confronted the suspect, a struggle occurred. The guard felt that the suspect was reaching for his gun and then used pepper spray on the suspect. The suspect ran away. The guard asked the clerk to call 911. Due to some confusing over the phone the call initially came out over police radio as an officer needs help call. In very short order, numerous LAPD units arrived on scene. They found the guard uninjured, who pointed them west on Roscoe where the suspect ran. The suspect was found and positively identified inside a Tommy Burger location across the street where he was apparently trying to wash off the pepper spray in the bathroom. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident and then transported to a hospital due to the use pepper spray and possibly other mental health issues.