NYC Election Protest 2nd Night

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30mins Raw Footage shows:
Hundreds of NYPD in cars, bicycles, scooters
LRAD loudspeaker in use
Hundreds of protestors chanting yelling waving BLM, rainbow flags, cursing at cops, on bicycles
Outdoor diners harassed
Arrest made, two weapons/tools for possible looting found
Another arrest made at union square
Cops vs protestors at union square
Woman who fell off bicycle, cops help her, people think the cops pushed her
Man who fell/injured his head, EMS shows up
Musician plays star wars imperial theme as cops ride their bikes away

11.5.20 | LOWER MANHATTAN – Hundreds of protestors showed up on the second night of election protests. Hundreds of NYPD on bicycles also showed up. Some arrests were made, some weapons/tools for looting were found, and the LRAD loudspeaker was in use. It happened between 7 and 11pm starting at Washington Square Park and ending at Union Square Park.

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