MORENO VALLEY: Vigil For 13 Year Old Diego

On Wednesday evening, September 25, 2019, Diego’s friends as well as the community held a vigil at Landmark Middle School to remember the 13 year old who lost his life after being punched at school over a week ago. The vigil comes just a day after hearing the devastating news that Diego died Tuesday night at the hospital. As friends were choking back tears talking about their memories of Diego and how they missed him, things got heated as many parents were demanding answers from the school superintendent as to why enough wasn’t done to protect Diego and other students. Some parents and students chanted the superintendent should resign as they crowed around him and followed him through the parking lot. Ultimately, for his safety, deputies escorted him to the school’s office. One student, who knew Diego, was struggling to hold back tears as he told LoudLabs News how much he loves Landmark Middle School. He also talked about how the teachers and the administration are all good people and how this tragic incident shouldn’t be what define the school. His Mother said, parents chasing the superintendent around like a mob is also bullying. She went on to say that parents need to lead by example as they talk about anti bullying. It should be noted, this is the second death of a child at Landmark Middle School in the last 20 years. In 1998 a fight between students resulted in the death of a student. Another parent spoke out saying students need to report more incidents to the staff rather then picking up their cellphones and filming. A group of students held up signs saying Landmark Middle School failed Diego.  Local business owners and even Cal Fire / Riverside County Fire came out and paid their respects to Diego. While emotions ran high as the community struggled over the loss of Diego, one thing was clear, Diego was loved by many and will be missed by everyone.