MANHATTAN: Van Kills Pedestrian, Hits 7 Others

CHINATOWN, Manhattan – Nine pedestrians were struck by a minivan and one of them is dead. This happened on Canal St and Allen St at 6:58 pm Monday within the confines of the 5th Precinct. FDNY Engine 9 was first on scene and transmitted the 10-75 for additional FDNY units to respond. The minivan was driven by a 70-year-old male with a handicap designation. The driver stayed on scene. Surveillance footage showed the van reversing on Forsyth St onto the sidewalk as he was attempting to park. Police say he may have been stepping on the gas instead of the brakes. The vehicle hit a fruit stand and people on the sidewalk. FDNY EMS reported five victims were critical, three were stable, and one deceased. Two of the victims refused medical attention who were the passengers in the van. NYPD highway is on scene conducting a collision investigation. Victims were transported to area hospitals. Investigation ongoing. Video Journalist: Fabian Charlton | Reporter: Adam Balhetchet [image: vlcsnap-2018-11-27-01h34m15s652.png]