MANHATTAN: Man on Tracks Survives Subway Train

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Manhattan – A man miraculously survived a train passing over him on the tracks. This happened at 10:38 pm, Friday, at West 181st & St. Nicholas St, within the confines of the 34th Precinct. The man somehow ended up in the tracks and could not get out. According to a witness, a straphanger jumped into the tracks to try to save him. As he saw the train approaching he jumped back on the platform. A group of straphangers tried to wave the train down unsuccessfully. They told him to lay flat between the tracks. The train passed over him. Upon arrival of firefighters, they were able to extricate him from under the tracks. He was immediately assessed by paramedics. The victim was able to walk upstairs where paramedics loaded him into the ambulance | Video Journalist: Adam Balhetchet