MANHATTAN: Man Loses Leg Riding Between Subway Cars

Man Loses Leg Riding Between Subway Cars
2.21.19 | by Adam Balhetchet
INWOOD, Manhattan – A straphanger lost his leg from riding between subway cars. He fell into the tracks and was ran over by the train. This happened around 1 am Thursday, at the W 207th St train station, within the confines of the 34th Precinct. Upon arrival of FDNY & ESU, they confirmed a man struck by the 1 train. They requested power off to the tracks. They extricated the victim. NYP EMTs and FDNY Rescue Paramedics treated the victim for bilateral trauma to both legs, one of them amputated. They transported the unconscious victim in serious but stable condition to St Barnabas hospital. Seven people have died in 2018 as a result of riding between NYC subway cars.