MANHATTAN: Man & Dog Stabbed on Subway

11.13.19 | by Adam Balhetchet | GREENWICH VILLAGE, Manhattan – A homeless man and his dog was stabbed while sleeping in the subway. It happened 4:15 am Wednesday at 14 St F/M/L Subway Station. According to the victim’s brother who we spoke to off-camera, he stated that him and his brother were sleeping with their dog when a male stabbed his brother and his dog with a pocket knife and fled the scene. He described the assailant as a black man in his 30s, has never seen him before, and did not perceive him to be homeless. Both the dog and the victim were weight-bearing and appeared to suffer from non-life-threatening injuries. EMS rapidly loaded the victim into the ambulance and drove lights and sirens to an area hospital. The dog was placed into a cage and transported by police. This comes after a fatal stabbing at an Upper West Side homeless shelter just days ago, and 6 weeks after four homeless men were murdered in their sleep in Chinatown.