MANHATTAN: Halloweeners Jump on Cars

10.26.19 | by Adam Balhetchet | LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan – The smell of marijuana filled the air in the vicinity of Stanton & Ludlow, right in front of Pianos bar. That is where Halloweeners and plain-clothes party-goers took to the streets to celebrate Halloween by blocking traffic, jumping, stomping, and walking on the very taxis and Ubers they will take home later. Other unusual characters who got involved in the contagious dancing including a homeless man and a cabbie who appeared to be under the influence of something. Some of the folks we spoke to described the activities as “the energy is up, lit, we love it! never stop the good vibes!” Police were called to the scene, who questioned the main leader of the dancing. They left fist-bumping the dancer and smiling. Two patrol cars remained at the scene for security.