MANHATTAN: FDNY Responds to ConEdison Hazmat Spill

MANHATTAN, New York — Just after 1 AM, Sunday morning, January 6, 2019, FDNY HazMat units arrived to W 132 Street and 12 Avenue, in West Harlem, in response to a large-scale leak of a special oil used to cool a high-voltage transmission line that runs beneath Broadway from Yonkers, though the Bronx and into Manhattan. Hundreds of gallons of the viscous, but non-toxic, substance poured though a hole in the middle of West 132 Street, while city buses drove through the pools of oil and spread it along neighboring streets. FDNY firefighters siphoned the oil into double-lined steel drums, and spread sand over areas where the oil had been spread by passing vehicles. City Sanitation crews with sand spreaders arrived on scene to put down sand along West 132 Street between 11 and 12 Avenues. The spill did not pose a public health risk.
Video Journalist: Christopher Cyphers

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