MANHATTAN: Cabbie Punched, Perp Arrested by Counter-Terrorism Unit

TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan – Around 3:30 am, Friday, at 42nd St & 7th Ave, within the confines of the Midtown South precinct, a yellow taxi driver was assaulted. The yellow cab driver picked up a hailed ride on 49th St. He transported his passenger to 42nd & 7th Ave. The fare was $6. He reportedly stated that he did not have his bag and could not pay the fare. When the cabbie insisted he had to pay, the passenger punched the cabbie in the face through the hole in the glass partition. The cabbie immediately saw NYPD Counter-terrorism officers and flagged them down. They immediately arrested the rider and requested an ambulance for the cabbie. The cabbie was treated for a minor injury and signed a refusal. The perp was transported without incident to the Midtown South Precinct | Video Journalist: Adam Balhetchet