MANHATTAN: 4-Alarm Midtown Manhattan Fire

MIDTOWN, Manhattan — What became a four-alarm commercial fire began around 4 pm, Tuesday as a small fire in the duct work of a restaurant and extended into an adjoining retail space. The fire extended through the walls to upper floors, where close to 100 firefighters fought to bring the blaze under control. The combination of intense smoke and the summer heat caused some firefighters to succumb to heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation. At least two firefighters were transported to local hospitals for treatment. The fire caused the evacuation of adjoining buildings on a large commercial block. FDNY ladder and engine companies also fought the fire from West 40 Street, just opposite Bryant Park, which was teeming with tourists and commuters. Separate calls of smoke were made from a Chipotle restaurant on West 40 Street, the building of which abuts the fire building.

Video Journalist: Christopher Cyphers