Man Struck by Car, Photographer Harassed | 68 Precinct Bay Ridge Brooklyn

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7.17.20 | by LLNNYC | BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn

According to NYPD, “There is a complaint report on file for an assault incident that occurred on July 16,2020 at 2350hrs in front of 8706 3rd Avenue within the confines of the 68th precinct. A 26-year-old male victim reported to police that while in front of the location he was in a dispute with a male who got into his vehicle and struck him. The victim suffered abrasions and bleeding and pain to his right leg. The vehicle fled northbound on 3rd Avenue. The victim was removed to Lutheran Medical Center in stable condition. There are no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing.”

According to our source “the guy who hit the pedestrian was angry that he was talking to his girlfriend. They started the night eating outside of Leo’s. The guy who got hit came and confronted his girlfriend, exchanged words, they left, and then this happened.”

According to one of the individuals on the scene: “that video last night in bay ridge was me and that was my car, ur spreading bullshit news because my boy got hit by a car after being harassed by somebody else, the kid drove up the block, made a u-turn and came for us, I wasn’t drunk, and I put my car there to block traffic for my friend who was on the floor, I did not get arrested I followed him to the hospital afterward to make sure he was okay so do me a favor take that shit down or change the description somebody close to me got hit by a car, it was a stressful emotional situation because it was done on purpose, the last thing I wanted was cameras in our faces while we were trying to get him help. it was a personal issue that escalated to a point it shouldn’t have, that’s all I’m going to say on this, nobody got arrested for a DUI, the victim was taken to the hospital and was released this morning”

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