LUCKIEST Driver Ever Runs Away From Crash | ORANGE, CA 11.9.20


ORANGE, CALOIFORNIA – The luckiest driver of the night goes to…. the driver of a Cadillac. The driver fled the scene after slamming into the back of a flatbed truck assisting with construction on the 5 freeway early this morning. CHP searched the area but found nobody in the area relating to the crash. The driver of the flatbed was uninjured thanks to the “attenuator” on the rear of the vehicle. The specialized equipment is designed to take the impact of a crash at high speeds. CHP says the person driving the Cadillac is lucky to be alive after a crash like this. The car is completely smashed and destroyed except for the drivers seat area, perfectly in tact. The crash rippped off the entire right side of the car front to back. Units from the OCFA were called out to assist however with nobody injured and the driver that fled the scene they were cancelled.

CHP reminds everyone to “Slow for the Cone Zone”. LLN IG –