LOS ANGELES: Firefighters Deployed to Help in Hurricance Florence

*Time* – Around 2200 *Location* – LACoFD Pacoima Facility, 12605 Osborne Street, LAFD Station 88, Sherman Oaks *Handling Agencies* – LACoFD, LAFD
Around 2200, FEMA Requested immediate deployment of CA TF2 to Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. Firefighters were called to the LACoFD Pacoima Facility to deploy as a 16 person swift water rescue team to aid rescue operations in North Carolina. It is unknown when the team is deploying to NC. The LACoFD Team Left Around 0500
At 0030, LAFD Deployed CA TF1 with Swift Water Rescue Teams from Station 88 in Sherman Oaks to North Carolina to assist in rescue efforts of Hurricane Florence. It is unknown how many LAFD members are on the swift water team that has been depoyed.