LAPD OIS Caught on Tape on 91 FWY 714Footage

Shot by 714_NEWS LLN

LOS ANGELES – FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA – Shots fired caught on camera as the moment the night came to an end for the Figueroa shooter that killed two people and led LAPD on a chase through the the Southland.

-A man wanted for a string of shootings in Los Angeles, led police on a multi-county chase that ended in Orange County. The man who was armed and reportedly shooting at police while driving on local freeways led police on an hours long pursuit that ended in Orange County on the 91 freeway at East St. near Fullerton. At one point LAPD requested the assistance of the CHP but took back control of the pursuit as soon as it entered the westbound 91 freeway. The man in the Jeep, ran over a spike strip police set up which brought his vehicle to a slower speed on the freeways before it became completely disabled at the bridge of East St. in Fullerton. The man then did not want to exit the vehicle upon commands of LAPD officers and rather locked himself in his disabled vehicle, awaiting SWAT officers with a bearcat. Ultimately the suspect was shot by police after he fired at them once SWAT officers fired less lethal tear gas into the vehicle. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.