Lamborghini Crashed Into After Toyota Runs Red Light / Brooklyn NY 8.26.20


NEW YORK – 8.26.20 | by Adam Balhetchet | BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn – A two-vehicle collision sent a Lamborghini crashing through a fence and into a ditch. It happened at 10:20 pm Tuesday at 65th St & 4th Ave, within the confines of the 68th Precinct. According to the Lambo driver, the Toyota Avalon ran a red light and made a left turn, hitting the Lambo and causing it to crash through a fence and into a ditch. The Lambo driver was not treated by EMS and remained on the scene. The Toyota driver was not around and may have been transported to hospital for injuries. ESU was requested to the scene, who pulled the Lambo out of the ditch and moved the Toyota to the side. The last memorable Lamborghini crash in Brooklyn happened in Mill Basin, September 2013.