HIGHLAND PARK: Armed Robbery Caught in Camera

An armed robbery of a liquor store in Highland Park was caught on camera as two men wearing ski masks stormed in.
The robbery happened around 9:20 PM Wednesday at Barney’s Liquor and Market at the corner of Avenue 50 and Monte Vista Street, according to the owner.
The store was opened at the time.
Surveillance video shows a customer leaving as two men walk in and began pointing what appears to be a gun towards the cashier. The cashier drops to his knees with his hands up.
The incident appears to have lasted nearly three minutes before the men take off after stealing some item on the counter.
Video shows rolls of coins dropped across the street, believed to be evidence left behind.
According to the cashier seen in the video, the men stole around $3,000 in cash.
The owners and the cashier were to shaken to speak on camera.