HIGHGROVE: Wild Donkeys Aggressively Charge Local Resident and His Dog

Late Tuesday night November 27, 2018 a resident, who asked to not be identified, was out walking his dog when he spotted a herd of about 10 wild donkeys in his neighbors yard. The local resident said he initially paid them no mind, until half the herd broke away from the main herd and started following him and his dog. At one point, one of the donkeys, charged the man and his dog. Fearing for his safety and the safety of his dog, he tried the usual things such as stomping his feet, clapping his hands and even yelling at the donkey to get it to stop its aggressive behavior. When that failed, he picked up a rock and threw it in hopes of scaring the donkey away. Even that didn’t stop the donkey from advancing towards the man and his dog. The resident said at that time, he called 9-1-1 and Riverside County Animal Control to report the aggressive behavior. The resident also said he has lived in the area for about twelve years and is use to the donkeys being friendly and not aggressive.