: Greyhound Bus Passengers Arrive After Scheduled Bus Crashes In New Mexico

Greyhound passengers from Phoenix who were suppose to be on the bus that crashed in New Mexico —arrived in Los Angeles this morning. This after they were delayed by almost five hours. One passenger we spoke to says she was scared coming to L.A. knowing the bus she was scheduled to be on crashed, killing 7. Most passengers we spoke to knew what happened, but were frustrated over the delay. A family too in a hurry to talk can be seen hugging. Greyhound route #1333 was canceled between Gallup, New Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona, according to Greyhound’s website. The bus that collided was on it’s way to Los Angeles from St. Louis, Missouri. According to the driver of a semi-truck traveling eastbound on interstate 40 in Thoreau, New Mexico, it blew a tire causing it to lose control and collide with the Greyhound bus carrying 49 passengers. It was traveling westbound on the highway. At least 7 people have died, according to officials.