GLENDALE: Falling Tree Branch Injures Partygoers

*Time* – 1629 *Location* – Glenoaks Park, 2531 Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, Los Angeles, CA *Handling Agencies* – Glendale FD, Glendale PD
At approximately 1629, Glendale FD & PD responded to Glenoaks Park for reports of tree branches that fell onto a kids birthday party with injuries. Arriving units found multiple patients that were injured when branches broke off of a tree and fell to the ground. Multiple people were injured and transported to the hospital. Unconfirmed reports of 5 victims transported to local hospitals, it appears that some of the victims may be in their teens. It appears that a children’s birthday party was in place when the accident occurred. The cause of the tree breaking is unknown. Glendale Police have the area taped off with crime scene tape. Parents and witnesses declined to speak on camera about the incident. Glendale FD & PD declined to give a statement about the incident, citing that city officials would be the people to contact.