FULL VIDEO: Firefighter Stands up to Anti-Asian Racist at Car Crash

11.11.20 | by Adam | KIPS BAY, Manhattan – A FDNY firefighter confronted an anti-asian racist. It happened around 12:20 am Wednesday at East 29th St & 1st Ave. That is where a two vehicle crash injured two drivers in two vehicles. One of the drivers was an asian male. One young male was seen hurling racist insults and laughing at the asian man while he was injured in the vehicle. His friend that was with him appeared to be filming. When both these individuals tried to get close to the other victim, a firefighter stepped in holding a Halligan tool and stated “Somebody is hurt. Show some courtesy and respect” NYPD officers also stepped in and directed them to the sidewalk. Both drivers were transported in stable condition to an area hospital. The intersection also has a mens shelter and a foster home service which is known for chronic issues with teenagers.

Also see https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/18/us/nypd-asian-hate-crime-task-force/index.html

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