FULL VIDEO: BMW Hits Honda & Runs | Bay Ridge 68 Precinct Brooklyn

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5.2.20 | by Adam Balhetchet | BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn – An occupant of a two-vehicle collision was transported to hospital following a hit and run. It happened around 10:30 pm Saturday at 86th St & 5th Ave. According to the Honda driver who was traveling eastbound on 86th St, the BMW driver was going westbound when he started to head towards oncoming traffic. That is when the Honda driver attempted to avoid the collision by maneuvering towards the right. The collision involved the BMW sideswiping the Honda. Airbags were deployed on the BMW. The BMW rider opened the passenger side door of the Honda and started yelling at the occupants. The driver in red fled the scene. The passenger of the BMW fled towards 85th St & 5th Ave where police stopped him. He stated that he was not the driver, on Xanax, and had a $25,000 bail on him, as well as just being released from prison. He was transported to hospital with some resistance. Unknown if the driver was found.

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