Freedom Rally For President Trump / Beverly Hills CA 9.19.20

BEVERLY HILLS CA – With its iconic Beverly Hills sign and reflecting pool, Beverly Gardens Park is popular with tourists and also the throngs of art-lovers who attend the semi-annual Beverly Hills Art Show there.
Then, 2020 happened.

While stay-at-home orders have thinned the number of visitors, crowds of conservatives and Trump supporters from across southern California have turned the park into the site of a weekly “Freedom Rally.” Every Saturday since late July, the like-minded meet to condemn what they see as government overreach during the pandemic and show support for law enforcement and President Trump.

The rallies have begun to draw hundreds of attendees — its popularity boosted on Aug. 8 when members of the national conservative #WalkAway campaign also held an event at the park with appearances by actors Lorenzo Lamas and Scott Baio. (