Encino: OIS And SWAT Barricade

Just after 9pm an officer involved shooting occurred near the intersection of White Oak and Weddington in the Encino area. Just before the shooting occurred, scanner traffic indicated that an officer was following a man 415 with a knife. At some point an altercation occurred that resulted in the officer firing his weapon and hitting the suspect. Scanner traffic made mention to the fact that the suspect may also have a gun in addition to a knife. It was also reported that a blood trail ran from the location of the shooting to the location where the suspect ended up. An officer help call was put out and a search began to find the suspect, who had ran after being shot. An air unit located the suspect hunched over near a tree. SWAT was called in to make contact with the suspect who was making small movements, but was otherwise non-compliant. After an hours-long stand-off (AKA Open air barricade), the suspect was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for treatment of his multiple gunshot wounds. He is expected to survive. The original officer involved was not injuries and no other injuries were reported.
A wedding was taking place at a church adjacent to the shooting and barricade location.Church-goers were told to shelter in place and were eventually escorted out of the vicinity.